Little Green Finger

Dervis Clement Tippen

Little Green Finger – Written by Dervis Clement Tippen (Children Series Book 2), 2011

Little Green Finger is a story about a beautiful young Irish girl who runs away from home to live with a colony of leprechauns high in the mountains of Ireland. The little people, having given up shoe cobbling many years ago, now occupy their time with dancing. Each night they dance in the moonlight, and when there is a full moon they dance till dawn.

Wanting to be a great dancer, the young girl persuades one of the leprechauns, Little Green Finger, to be her instructor. He is so impressed with her talents that he asks the elders to grant her permanent membership in the colony. To be considered for such an honor she has to perform a series of difficult dances, the most difficult of which is the Dance of the Wizard, never before performed by a human.

As the story unfolds, the girl works hard to learn the dances. Through her efforts she enters into an adventure that changes her life forever.

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