Ladyboys Outrageous Cartoons Book 2

Many people enjoyed my LADY-BOY eBook One – so I have bought out LADY-BOY eBook TWO.
If you have been to Pattaya before you will have noticed that the City is full of REALLY Beautiful Women – When you have lived here for a while you will have realized most of these Beautiful Women used to be MEN….They are Pattaya`s THIRD Kind.. You can’t help but notice as they are Very Sexy and Very Flamboyant – Oozing for attention ….
As a People watcher it`s impossible not to notice them as their World is completely different to ours.
These cartoons take you into their Strange World here in Pattaya.
EMMA was one of Pattaya`s top fabulous Lady-boys – and was a Great Fan of These Cartoons.

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